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The number of ways businesses communicate within themselves and with other businesses has changed and increased exponentially, as compared to a number of years back. As a result, businesses are looking to unify these communication tools to maximize the potential benefits, and to minimize the time, resource, and risk associated with meeting employee communication needs.

Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) solutions at Razzo help deliver a variety of business benefits by integrating business communication tools in order to:

·         Minimize the complexity of managing all of the different solutions separately,

·         Optimize the end-user experience,

·         Maximize the value to the business by using these tools to share and analyze data.

In addition, Razzo unified communication solution can enable your business

·         To track availability of employees and their location,

·         Machine-to-machine data sharing,

·         Fixed/Mobile convergence, and integration of communications tools with existing business applications.