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Razzo serves the government sector and currently works with dozens of state and local agencies. We understand the immense pressures that government agencies are under to modernize and innovate. Our solutions address these challenges while simultaneously reducing costs, becoming more efficient, and providing better services.

Government organizations want to use data to create valuable insights about their services, costs, and citizens. Statel agencies have access to huge volumes of data—on premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments. Yet the data tends to be siloed, poorly integrated, and lacking in governance. Meanwhile national and local governments are increasingly collecting data from new sources

To turn their big data into mission success, agencies at all levels need modern data management solutions that help them ingest huge volumes of data, manage its growth, and analyze data quickly to find relevant, actionable insights.

As a proven leader in Enterprise Cloud Data Management, Razzo provides government agencies around the Africa  with the ability to unify complex technology infrastructures and data sources—creating transparent data access that helps organizations meet rising demand for services, comply with regulatory mandates, and achieve their critical mission outcomes.

Drive Modernization in Government with Intelligent Data 

A single view of reliable, trusted, well-governed data—and the data-driven insights that result—is the engine for transforming government organizations.

Unify diverse technology assets and resources

Agencies at all levels of government face an increasingly complex mix of on-premises and cloud infrastructures, legacy systems, mobile applications, and edge devices. This wide disparity of data sources and technologies makes it difficult to keep pace with today’s mission requirements, respond flexibly to crises, or provide high levels of citizen service.

The Razzo Intelligent Data Platform offers agencies a comprehensive, versatile data platform that powers modern applications, analytics, and trusted artificial intelligence (AI) outcomes while adding intelligent automation and governance. With this modular platform, you can aggregate, clean, catalog, govern, and master your data at scale, creating a reliable resource to support analytics efforts. It connects data from any location—including on-premises, cloud, hybrid, and big data—and uses the power of  AI and machine learning technologies to automate previously manual tasks and help agencies obtain real-time insights to improve decision-making.

Support defense organizations with real-time analysis

To digitally transform themselves, defense sector around the Africa  are seeking new ways to use intelligent data to gain insights, understand next-best strategies and tactics, and modernize their operations. Meeting these goals requires the right technology to acquire, integrate, analyze, govern, and share information at a global scale. From leaders in headquarters to commanders in the field, defense organizations need self-service analytics as well as real-time decision-support information.

Razzo next-generation analytics solutions help agencies use big data, cloud, and data visualization technologies to analyze data and get answers nearly instantly. Our AI-driven, self-service analytics help you promote data discovery and embed analytics into your core agency performance. To maximize the value of our analytics solutions, we also offer cloud modernization solutions that support agencies on their cloud/hybrid data management journey, insulating you from disruption created by the dynamic multi-cloud and hybrid vendor landscape.

Improve agency outcomes

Meeting the government mission is the first priority of all agencies. To deliver responsive, accurate services for basic processes as well as innovative, technology-enabled offerings,  national and local governments require a single coordinated, integrated approach to data management – including data collection, protection, distribution, governance, and use – one that will correlate data policies with actual results. Agencies need a data strategy that puts trusted, relevant, and actionable self-service data into the hands of more personnel, so they can serve citizens and deliver data-driven outcomes.

To support shared services that increase internal and cross-agency collaboration, agencies need to address disconnected legacy data warehouses and data lakes. Master data management (MDM) solutions from Razzo help governments leverage the power of AI and machine learning to locate, access, and use trusted data – when and where it’s needed, whether it resides on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid landscape. And 360 engagement solutions use these technologies to create a trusted, real-time view of individual citizens, communities, and neighborhoods so you can address emergencies and deliver new citizen services.

Boost compliance with policy mandates and regulations

Complying with the array of governance and privacy policies, mandates, and regulations that emerge yearly requires agencies at all levels of government to become better stewards of their data. From the Foundations of Data Act, to GDPR and the CCPA, compliance requires maintaining and using data in a way that engenders trust among citizens while allowing agencies to use data to improve insights and outcomes.

A new generation of more intuitive data governance tools makes it easier for agencies to ensure data is current, accurate, and complete. By using automation to improve data management, quality, governance, and protection, Razzo data governance solutions minimize the risk of non-compliance and help organizations deliver quantifiable value through data-driven outcomes. With a comprehensive data privacy management solution that employs AI, data cataloging, and monitoring to automate protection and response, you’ll have full confidence that citizen data is well-protected and your agency is in compliance with changing regulations.