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Razzo understands the intense pressures that healthcare organizations are under to modernize and innovate, while simultaneously reducing costs and becoming more efficient. Our solutions help you unleash the power of data to deliver consistent, scalable results so you can achieve your business goals.

Timely access to reliable and trusted data—and the insights it delivers—will be the engine for transforming healthcare as we know it.

As a proven leader in Enterprise Cloud Data Management, Razzo helps healthcare leaders turn their data into intelligence that helps them boost productivity and efficiency, improve agility and patient/provider engagement, and deliver value-based care.

Transform Healthcare Data Management with Intelligent Data 

To deliver value and consistent, scalable results from data-driven digital transformation initiatives, healthcare IT and data professionals must architect and deploy an intelligent data management foundation based on the following competencies.

Deliver an Exceptional Consumer Experience

Duplicate patient, member, and healthcare provider identifiers continue to vex healthcare organizations as they seek to provide excellent care and mitigate risk. To meet rising patient expectations for engaging, consistent experiences and always-on accessibility, healthcare organizations need to build a true 360-degree view of their patients, members, and providers so they can deepen high-value relationships between providers and patients, and between health plans and their members. These experiences must be relevant for all healthcare consumers—from young to old—and help them be active participants in managing their lifestyle and care.

Razzo’s Customer 360 and other master data management (MDM) solutions integrate and aggregate all available information—including data from social, IoT, and medical devices—to create a complete view of patients, members, providers, reference data, and other critical entities. With AI-driven insights from your single source of truth, you can identify potential areas of risk, proactively manage patient care, and deliver great customer experience.

Improve Data Quality

Healthcare has perhaps the most complex data sets of any industry, with millions of different concepts and values capturing care delivery, billing, and payment activities. And you need to ensure that all of that data is reliable, trusted, and of high quality at all times.

Razzo provides modern data quality solutions that leverage the cloud, AI, and machine learning to automate data quality at scale and deliver the accurate data that’s integral to providing safe, high-quality, and efficient care.

Increase Focus on Data Privacy and Protection 

Patients and members expect that their sensitive information will be protected with the care and attention it deserves. But healthcare organizations capture ever-increasing volumes of highly sensitive private data from multiple sources every single day—and all of it needs to be identified and appropriately protected. To fully manage the lifecycle of this data and comply with growing numbers of government and industry regulations, organizations must be able to quickly and accurately identify, govern, and control access to an individual patient’s sensitive data.

Razzo assists healthcare organizations with solutions that map where sensitive patient data resides and trace how this data proliferates within their internal systems and applications. Our data privacy solutions employ AI, data cataloging, and a seamless automated platform to enable the comprehensive management of data privacy with full confidence.

Govern Data as An Asset, Not a Nuisance

Next-generation data governance programs are helping healthcare providers and payers to finally break down the data silos within their organizations and establish best practices that empower data-driven decisions and digital transformation strategies. Intelligent data governance solutions replace heavy-handed, top-down project management approaches with more easily adopted and distributed programs that effectively leverage the expertise that already exists throughout the organization.

Razzo data governance solutions are fueled by a robust data catalog and AI and metadata-driven insights that provide the necessary transparency and automation to update data governance assets, processes, and policies with minimal manual effort.