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Our technologies help our vendors to modernize their distribution arms as this is one of the essential elements of a complex value chain. The channel is marred with challenges such as operational inefficiencies, dismal channel performance; gaps in secondary sale insights and negative impact on shareholder value which are undesirable situations.

Bridge Metrics

Razzo Bridge Metrics is designed to empower the sales and marketing efforts of both your company and your partners.  Best of all, it helps sales people get the materials they need without logging into a portal or producing a sales report. As part of your channel sales support system, Razzo Bridge Metrics lets you:

  • Provide content and marketing campaigns to your partners and sales people and get usage and engagement reports in real-time.
  • See what collateral your partner sales representatives are sending to their customers.
  • Gain insights into what marketing materials those customers are receiving.
  • Get real-time, closed-loop lead tracking on all leads delivered to your partners.

The Razzo Benefits:

  • Increase the use of your sales support content.
  • Track how content is actually used by sales and end users.
  • Control the latest versions to ensure messaging and branding is always up to date.
  • Understand the impact of your content at enabling sales and influencing prospects.
  • Understand how sales representatives use your content.
  • Enable sales team to make more effective sales presentations anywhere, anytime.
  • Identify the top producers and see how they are achieving success.

Channel IQ

Vertical and product specific campaign as well as vendor curated sales intelligence content can be pushed out by vendors on Channel IQ mobile platform, and can be social shared instantly by the partner salespeople to their social networks.

On top of that you can use Channel IQ dashboard to monitor and analyze adoption of your marketing materials in the channel.

RazzoiQ provides real-time account intelligence for Solution Provider B2B sales and marketing teams to accelerate sales, monitor competitive activity and improve sales productivity. RazzoiQ delivers actionable intelligence that influences buyers, stimulate sales and differentiates you from your competition.

For the first time you will be able to provide both marketing assets and sales intel to partner representative seamlessly

Data Mining Suite

To get answers to all the tough questions, depend on Razzo Channel Marketing Research for accurate marketing insights. Before you risk money and resources, let us research and analyze your existing and prospective channels, product mix, sales support and any other important channel marketing questions for you.

We can conduct profitability surveys to see if your resellers are earning enough from your products to stay motivated and loyal. We can find out if you’re providing your partners with the right kind of sales support. Do they only need brochures and data sheets or more comprehensive support, including sales-ready leads, videos and help with social media?

We can get answers to all these questions to help you make the right decisions, avoid mistakes and find new and profitable opportunities. Whether it’s conducting an in-depth analysis of your brand or evaluating price points and profit margins, we can provide you with accurate and incisive research to guide your decisions.

The Razzo Benefits

  • Gain insights. Our research gives you visibility into the dynamics of your business, channel programs and channel partners.
  • Get more efficient. Discover ways to provide more cost-effective reseller support and a better return on your marketing investment.
  • Find new opportunities. Uncover new ways to sell, minimize business risks and identify problems in the channel.
  • Enjoy proven results. Many of the world’s most successful companies use Gorilla for results-driven marketing research, including IBM, British Telecom, Hewlett-Packard and Adobe.