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Razzo’s Risk and Vulnerability assessment identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes the risks and vulnerabilities in a system and the factors which will result in an exposure or loss, this will guide where to focus your security investments and resources.

This assessment will include:

  • Network Mapping
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Phishing Assessment
  • Wireless Assessment
  • Web Application Assessment
  • Operating System Security Assessment (OSSA)
  • Database Assessment
  • Penetration Testing

With a Razzo Risk and Vulnerability Assessment you’ll receive an in-depth evaluation of your risk posture and better understand the current state of the vulnerabilities and threats impacting your security. Through our client-tested process, Razzo cyber security experts will work with your team to catalog and categorize your assets, identify vulnerabilities and threats present in your environment and assess the likelihood of an exploit. With this assessment in hand we will then build a recommended plan that prioritizes threat remediation, addressing the most serious risks to the highest value assets first.