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Single Sign-On Solutions for Enterprise Data Security

Organizations large and small are leveraging the power of smart cards, smartphones and other devices for building access and beyond. From login to networks and IT resources, to multi-factor identification, time-and-attendance and much more, single sign-on solutions from Razzo conveniently solve a wide range of business challenges and ensure data security.

  • Manage access to commercial fleet fueling stations: RFID enabled fueling automation system to monitor and control commercial fleet fuel access, cost, and billing.
  • Secure access to my offices and buildings to protect employees and assets: Provide a safe and secure environment through advanced physical access controls utilizing advanced mobile & biometric authentication that fully integrates visitor management, high-volume card issuance, and employee time and attendance records
  • Brand Protection & Anti-Counterfeit Technology
  • Protection against fraud and data breaches utilizing the most advanced layered authentication technology available. Solutions that move beyond passwords with innovative mobile authentication—giving customers a better user experience.
  • Multi-factor Authentication for Government and Regulated Industries
  • Hardware and cloud-based multi-factor authentication solutions that validate the identities and access privileges of remote employees and online visitors, while satisfying regulatory compliance requirements
  • Data Act / GDPR Regulatory Compliance
  • Provide secure online transactions and document signing.
  • Ensure a single digital identity using advanced encryption, digital signing or authentication technologies.
  • Protection of data with advanced, layered authentication to prevent fraud. Biometric solutions so you can know with certainty who is performing each transaction, enhancing online security as your customers conduct business with you.
  • Asset Tracking: Robust RFID transponders available in low frequency, high frequency or UHF for seamless inventory tracking and management
  • Time & Attendance: Simplify management of time and attendance data by leveraging your existing Razzo solution. This allows your organization to maximize the value of your existing physical access control badges.
  • Secure Print Release: Razzo partners with leading printer manufacturers and software providers to develop print authentication solutions that enable you to securely print documents, minimize costs associated with printing and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Access Control Locks: Seamlessly extend your Genuine Razzo credentials to work with electronic locks on interior doors or cabinets.
  • Add trust to security patrols : Implement trustedtechnology to accurately track security checkpoints throughout office buildings and multi-building complexes by ensuring “proof of presence’’