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Razzo Web Conferencing solutions streamline your meetings into one collaborative,    easy-to-use, and secure platform. Designed to meet the needs of senior level executives and administrators, Razzo Web Conferencing solution advocates for smarter meetings – less effort with better results. Built with feature-rich tools, it enables our customers  to run digital meetings which enhance transparency and accountability in an organization.

As a paperless meeting solution, it saves money on printing costs, reduces preparation time, and meets sustainability targets. Available on all platforms – whether it may be iOS, Android, Windows, and even Web, it allows decision-makers to access documents anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of Razzo Web Conferencing Solution:

  • Stay informed through real-time updates and interaction
  • Follow presenter’s flow with page synchronisation
  • Direct participants’ attention through our laser pointer tool
  • Access documents anytime and anywhere on your preferred platform – whether it’s iOS, Android, or Windows
  • Maintain an easy-to-use search history of the content and outcome of all meetings in our centralised document repository
  • Easily prepare documents for meetings via drag-and-drop feature
  • Use an easy and intuitive interface and learn it in as fast as 20 minutes
  • Resolve issues by voting either through show of hands or secret ballot
  • Review, sign, and authorise documents by e-signature
  • Generate and distribute meeting minutes and board packs instantly
  • Keep data safe with Razzo’s 256-bit AES encryption
  • Secure decryption on mobile devices through our multi-factor authentication
  • Host your server either on cloud or within your premises
  • Limit access to data and meeting files by defining access control levels
  • Improve transparency and accountability through audit logs